Online reputation management

People search every business on google before finalizing the deal. 80% of the shoppers change purchase decision based on the negative reviews. Thus, it is very important to look ‘GREAT’ online to avoid business loss and decline in credibility. We help you create that ‘GREAT’ impression on the clients online.

What We Do In Online Reputation Management

  • Review management

    Reviews of your product or services can be positive or negative. We help you get more positive reviews on your website. Additionally, we don’t remove the negative comments, but listen to them and empathize. We offer solutions to your clients thus building stronger relationships.

  • Brand Management

    We help you build a healthy online presence on famous social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Vimeo, Google+, Pinterest, so that your clients can get in touch with you anytime for their business needs.

  • Repairing Company reputation

    Negative comments can tarnish your image resulting business loss. We help you repair any bad experience your company ever had and turn that into a WOW moment. We help you in adding value, showcase your company strengths, establish trust and be more useful and relevant.